Greening the Digital World
for a Greener Planet

Umweltify is a digital ecosystem that bridges the transparency gap in electricity-related emissions. Our core mission is to convince individuals and businesses to switch to green electricity by harnessing the impact of digital life.

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Certify your green electricity!

A better understanding of your emissions via GEMS

Green Electricity Monitoring System (GEMS) forms the foundation of Umweltify's offerings. Users, whether individuals or businesses have the option to either certify their existing green electricity contract or switch to a pre-certified green electricity tariff available in our built-in marketplace, ranked based on sustainability criteria. Premium Gems feature grants users access to real-time electricity consumption and emissions monitoring, as well as automated reports.

  • Verify Electricity Source. Umweltify's first essential function is to verify the source of electricity used by users, whether they are individuals or businesses. By certifying their existing green electricity contract or opting for a pre-certified green electricity tariff within Umweltify's platform, users can ensure that the electricity they consume is sourced from renewable and sustainable sources. This verification forms the foundation of Umweltify's mission to promote green energy adoption and reduce carbon footprints.
  • Green Electricity Marketplace. At the core of Umweltify's offerings is its integrated green electricity marketplace. This marketplace provides users with a diverse range of pre-certified green electricity tariffs, each carefully ranked based on sustainability criteria. Users have the flexibility to choose the tariffs that align with their environmental values and contribute to a cleaner, greener future. The marketplace simplifies the process of finding and selecting sustainable electricity options, making it convenient and accessible for all.
  • Electricity & Emissions. Umweltify's Premium Gems feature offers an advanced level of monitoring and reporting. It allows users to track their electricity consumption and associated emissions in real time. With automated reports, users gain insights into their environmental impact, empowering them to make informed decisions about energy usage. This feature is a valuable tool particularly for businesses, enabling them to better understand their contribution to sustainability and take proactive steps to reduce their carbon emissions associated with electricity consumption (scope 2 emissions).

Boost your sustainability,
Start Green-Fi.

Umweltify takes the concept of sustainability a step further by allowing Gems users to share the greenness of their electricity with all connected devices through unique "Green-Fi" technology.

Product screenshot
Green-Fi Integration.
Green-Fi technology smoothly merges with the Wi-Fi networks of Gems users, providing connected devices with access to green energy.
Eco-Friendly Charging.
Devices connected via Green-Fi receive certification indicating the use of green electricity during charging, promoting eco-friendly practices.
Green Station Identification.
Gems users' location(s) are recognized as green stations, actively involving stakeholders in a corporation's climate action efforts.

1.5°C Climate-Committed Life!

Things Apps

The Green Things App functions as a powerful tool for users to monitor electricity consumption and track associated emissions of their electronic devices. Aligning with the 1.5-degree climate goal, the app determines the maximum allowed use-phase emissions for each device, enabling users to regulate their environmental impact, practicing the 1.5°C climate-committed life! Its key functionalities include:

  • Verify electricity & monitor emissions. Users can verify the electricity sources via Green-Fi technology and track emissions associated with their devices’ electricity consumption in real-time.
  • Climate Status Assignment. The app assigns a "green" climate status to devices so long as they are consuming verified green electricity, and their cumulative use-phase emissions align with the 1.5-degree climate goal.
  • Carbon offset. For devices exceeding emission thresholds, users can offset excess emissions by carbon credits from our built-in store.

Green Login

It is an innovative authentication service enabling users of the Things app to communicate their devices' climate statuses to the digital world.

Green Digital World

Umweltify serves as a climate bridge between the real and digital worlds, unlocking a new facet of the digital world that rewards green users with in-app/in-game incentives. This, in turn, promotes a virtuous cycle of sustainability, encouraging more users to switch to renewables.

To maximize our decarbonization efforts, we are launching a far-reaching climate initiative titled “Climate-in: Greening the Digital World”. This ambitious program seeks to enhance sustainability by forming strategic climate partnerships and embedding the Green Login service within third-party applications and games. Through the provision of in-app and in-game green rewards, Climate-in harnesses the influence of the digital realm to effect tangible positive environmental changes in the real world, with each user login contributing to a greener planet.

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